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It's not good having to sign out to go back to the homepage.

avatar for nigellegg by nigellegg about 6 years ago

... this means you have to sign back in if you want to contribute to another question / bucket, which in turn will (or could) reduce the stickiness of the site???

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    Dec 12 2011 paulspringett said...

    Testing the comments

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    Dec 12 2011 redeye said...

    Just testing the comments again...

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    Jul 07 2011 nigel.legg said...

    Cool cool cool!!!

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    Jul 07 2011 redeye said...

    We're on it Nigel. Lots of nice new things coming. Even today we have nice things - markdown and who created the bucket in the header, later on this afternoon.

    We also enhanced Facebook integration yesterday...

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