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Customise auto-post message to Twitter/Facebook

avatar for iamkeir by iamkeir over 5 years ago

This idea came from Oli Humpage's comments on Underscore: - offer textarea with ready-written tweet + tweet button - gives crucial ability to modify your message (surely essential to social media?) - People can spot auto-generated boilerplate tweet - More personalised, more motivation to click

I think there is a very strong case for this to enhance/unleash the true social power of Rusic. "I liked @joebloggs idea on" could be massively improved if idea data was included and allowed the user to customise.

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    Apr 04 2012 DaleAnthony said...

    Maybe some kind of small popover (tooltip style) after liking or posting might work well?

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    Apr 04 2012 iamkeir said...

    Yep - also with consideration of when to present the info. In the case of our secret project, it'd be good to present the option to tweet/share to facebook AFTER the idea has been generated - you know, a kind of 'Cool, now share your idea', rather than it being baked into the idea creation form.

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    Apr 04 2012 redeye said...

    Yeh, I think this is a great idea. Possibly as an option...

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